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Meet our New Nation Party founders and candidates

We have more people coming on board all the time and will update our candidate list as we go. New Nation will stand candidates in each of the country’s electorates in the 2023 General Election.

Michael Jacomb


Michael Jacomb is a Wellington businessman and entrepreneur in the electricity industry. He and his wife, Trena, have two children, five grandchildren and spend their time between their home…

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Andrew Hollis

Candidate, Tauranga

Born and bred in Tauranga, Andrew Hollis is the New Nation Party candidate in the Tauranga by-election. He is a proud father of four, and at 50 years old, has worked to build a number of businesses in and around…

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Victoria O’Brien


Victoria is a competitive shooter, firearms range owner and beef farmer. She lives in Auckland with her husband, parents and cats. Victoria was born in Singapore and immigrated to New Zealand over 30 years…

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Rob Wilson

Team Leader, South Island

Rob Wilson is a true blue South Islander, born in Timaru and raised on a farm in Mimihau, near Wyndham, in eastern Southland. He lives in Mossburn, Southland, with his partner and two children where he…

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Dolf van Amersfoort


Dolf van Amersfoort was born in South Africa of Dutch parents. He moved to Rhodesia (now Zambia) where his father participated in the building of Kariba Dam, the largest man-made lake in Africa…

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Melissa O’Hagan

Party Secretary

Melissa is born and bred in Palmerston North where she currently lives and manages a family business manufacturing pharmaceutical medicine for farm animals. She entered the family business almost…

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