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New Nation Party believes our country is beginning to open our minds to a new political paradigm. We have met thousands of people who believe it is time for alternative parties to speak out and speak up. That’s what we are doing, and we ask that you join us.

A centre-right voice of common sense and reason

New Zealanders have had enough of the two-horse race in our elections. The choice of only Labour or National with a fringe of Green or Act or NZ First is no real choice at all.

For more than 25 years, we suffered the “same old, same old” – Red or Blue but the same agenda.

When we consider the raft of international obligations that Labour and National have signed us up to over decades, we realise the extent to which it has cost us in economic growth and wealth creation, and continues to cost us.

The two major parties in New Zealand have taken us down a path where our future is dictated to us from the United Nations building in New York and the myriad of international treaties that continually dilute our own sovereignty: the climate change accords, the Convention on Biological Diversity that is trying to shut down our Exclusive Economic Zone, oceans policies that are knee-capping our fishing industry (which, by the way, is one of the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world!), the World Health Organisation, to name but a few.

New Nation Party does have a vision of how New Zealand can be, for everyone.

Where Government provides the services that Kiwis need and leave them to run their own lives how they see fit. Where there is a reduced Wellington bureaucracy and where public servants at the highest level are there to serve, not there for a lifelong career.

We see a country where our provinces are stronger and more autonomous. Where local people have an actual say in the management of their assets and services.

We see a country where there is more money in everyone’s pocket, with the Government taking less off you because we want you to take increased responsibility. Can anyone truly say that their lives are more rewarding when the government is involved?

We will provide a helping hand when needed, but in such a way for people get back on their feet and take a meaningful role in our society. Cradle-to-the-Grave State handouts are not a worthy goal.

We will do this by enhancing our economy, reducing our imports, and utilising our own resources in a sustainable way.

New Nation Party is a credible alternative to the existing political structures. We are a party that will stand up as a centre-right voice of common-sense and reason. We do not believe that a Government should engineer social change, and certainly not to the extent that both Labour and National have done for generations.

Our “set in stone” policy statements are a metaphor. We won’t back down on them when we are in Government. We believe we can bring about a more cohesive and fundamentally enhanced New Zealand, and we ask you to join us on this journey.