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Guy Slocum


Guy was born in London in the shadow of the Wembley sports stadium. He developed an early passion for flying which he indulged by joining the Air Cadets and obtaining his glider pilot’s license one week after his sixteenth birthday. The award of a government flying scholarship allowed him to gain his private pilot’s license (PPL), at no cost, the month after he turned 17. From the PPL airfield he went straight into the Royal Air Force where he trained as a fast jet fighter pilot chasing Soviet aircraft around the Iceland/Faeroes gap.

After 12 years he retired from flying and joined an international investment institution in London.

Four years of corporate life drove him to leave and form his own international investment company which expanded into 18 countries and ran for 39 years. Four years ago the investment company was sold and, today, Guy owns a natural health care business together with consultancies in sales, marketing and training. All are based in Auckland.

Guy is the proud father of four children: a lawyer in Wellington, an international bank director in Hong Kong, a doctor in London also runs a forensic assessment business with her husband and an investment company’s COO operating out of London and New York.

After working all over the world Guy is convinced that we need greater promotion of the principles of integrity, honesty and open communication. He believes in the need to expand our education system to teach our children beyond the academics; to equip them with life skills like an understanding of what it is to be a good citizen, how to resolve conflict peacefully and how to contribute to the community and teams around them.

After a lifetime of political interest Guy believes that the old concepts of red and blue, left and right are now outdated. What we need is political leadership, rather than political control. We need leaders who embrace the principle of representation and understand that they have been placed in a leadership position within our country to serve the voters rather than dictate to them.

He passionately believes that we need to return to a society where every individual feels valued to the limit of their own ability and a system where those that wish to progress and grow have access to developmental engines that will encourage, train and inspire them to higher things. Above all, he believes in the principle of one nation and one people unified in the desire to drive our country to progressive development for the benefit of all. This will require us to develop systems that not only encourage the inspired but inspire the discouraged while, at the same time, recognising that some vulnerable folk need more support than others

Guy was drawn to the New Nation Party (NNP) because he sees daily evidence that the Party supports his values and aspires to his goals