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Greg Robinson

Co-ordinator, Taranaki

Greg was born and raised in Taranaki on a dairy farm. He is a qualified builder with 10 years experience in the trade. During this time he spent his final 2 years working as a Project Manager in the residential homes sector.

He has a passion for farming. Greg, his wife and 2 children own a block of land where they graze dairy cows for a local farmer.

Greg is currently working in the oil and gas industry in New Zealand and has done so for the last 13 years. During that time he has completed a wide range of qualifications from health and safety through to the modern day steam and boiler tickets.

Greg has a good knowledge in the natural resources we have here in New Zealand, and would like to see the country become more self-sufficient and profitable.

He has some great ideas in regards to new fuel technologies that are currently being trialled in the transport industry. He is keen to share his knowledge within the business and farming industries where his ideas could be tested and explored more.

Greg is proud to be a NNP party member and looks forward to giving choice back to New Zealanders while helping build a more sustainable future for the next generation of Kiwis to enjoy this great country we have.