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Leave the United Nations

New Nation Party will leave the United Nations. 

For decades, our country has signed onto a myriad of international policies and regulations that have held our country back and cost us hundreds of millions of dollars in meeting agreed international obligations, such as climate targets.

It is time our country stood strong and charted our own path as a nation independent of UN rule.

In the first term of a New Nation Government, we will withdraw from our obligations toward UN policies and regulations that do not benefit our society or economy. As an example, our country’s commitment to the Climate Change Accords and international demands to reduce carbon emissions will be immediately suspended and defunded upon taking office.

New Zealand’s carbon emissions are miniscule in comparison to other countries. China, the United States, and India are the largest emitters in the world yet refuse to limit their economies in order to reduce their emissions. Successive New Zealand governments have blindly handcuffed our country to these agreements to the detriment of our own advancement.

In terms of domestic legislation, this includes abolishing the Ute Tax and reducing taxes on petrol for work and farm vehicles.