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Oil and gas exploration to resume immediately

Re-commence oil and gas exploration and extraction

Utilise NZ coal resources – stop importing cheap coal

Keep refining oil – save Marsden assets

Reduce fuel taxes

Growing our economy

In 2017, the Labour-New Zealand First-Green Party coalition government banned all new exploration for oil and gas in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

New Nation will repeal those laws and get the country back to work. New Zealand’s infrastructure is nowhere near capable of transitioning to a fully electrified economy, and New Nation does not believe it needs to be. We have an abundance of gas and oil in our waters and our party will use it to advance our nation.

The importation of low-grade coal to keep Huntly Power Station running will be stopped. New Zealand’s abundance of more than 16 billion tonnes of high-grade coal reserves will be used for our own benefit.

The mining of rich minerals will be developed for domestic growth and economic advancement.

Marsden Point assets are currently being stripped and taken apart by the oil company owners as they destroy our country’s ability to refine our own oil. This will leave our country even more vulnerable to international oil companies, economic shocks and price gouging. Marsden Point assets will be re-nationalised as a Strategic National Asset.

New Nation will reduce our country’s reliance on taxes from the petrol pump to make fuel cheaper for Kiwis. The Ute Tax will be abolished to allow our primary industries to work more efficiently.