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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 – No mandates, no vax certificates, no vax passports – personal choice.

The Labour Government’s response to the outbreak of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 has devastated our great country.

Labour has coerced our country’s workers, forcing them to make a Hobson’s choice – an illusion of no choice at all: inject this pharmaceutical into your body or lose your job.

Good, honest, skilled, caring people have been mandated out of their jobs as doctors, nurses, teachers, police, defence force personnel, hospitality workers, public service employees, and many others who work for private businesses whose owners have unnecessarily mandated them out of their livelihoods.

Labour has devastated our economy as they forced people to unnecessarily stay at home and close their businesses, for months on end.

Labour has brought division into our egalitarian society through government-approved segregation and discrimination, forcing business owners to ban customers based on their vaccination status.

Labour has instilled fear in our society through propaganda that misleadingly manipulated COVID-19 statistics that made our communities believe the threat was worse than it actually was. People have been and continue to be terrified to leave their homes or walk the streets without wearing a mask.

New Nation will restore our free society.

In the first weeks of being sworn into government, New Nation will repeal every piece of COVID-19 emergency legislation and remove them from the legislative books of this country.

The mandates never have and never will make any sense in a just world. New Nation will ensure that any outbreak of coronavirus (or any other viral attack) will never result in hard-working Kiwis having their livelihoods and careers taken away from them through coercion or force. Under a New Nation Government, you will never be made to choose between your health choice and your job.

Personal choice will be the only thing mandated!

The COVID-19 vaccination certificates (My Vax Pass) for entry into restaurants, cafés, pubs, to access local body services and other restrictions resulting from their use, will be fully removed and won’t see the light of day again. New Nation will never enforce segregation and discrimination in our society.

New Nation will launch a Commission of Inquiry into our country’s COVID-19 response.