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Rob Wilson


Rob Wilson is a true blue South Islander, born in Timaru and raised on a farm in Mimihau, near Wyndham, in eastern Southland. He lives in Mossburn, Southland, with his partner and two children where he manages a farm and runs his venison recovery operation, using helicopters to hunt and recover wild deer.

Rob ran his own shearing run in his early 20s working throughout the lower South Island and Western Australia before giving up the handpiece and establishing a pest control and contract hunting business 22 years ago.

Over the years, Rob has watched the systematic destruction of New Zealanders’ rights and freedoms by the mainstream political parties of Labour and National with the complicity of their minor party accomplices over the past few decades. It is these understandings that has stirred Rob to step forward as New Nation’s team leader in the South Island. “We are rapidly reaching a tipping point where if good people don’t step forward and put a stop to this, then the wonderful country that we all live in will be gone. I see it as my duty to protect the freedom that our forefathers fought and died for.”

New Nation is not Rob’s first foray into politics, having campaigned on behalf of firearms owners and spent several years as a member of the ACT Party. He has been actively involved in ending the use of aerial 1080 on public lands and has researched and worked on developing structures and policies to provide alternatives to this destructive and dangerous practice. Rob has explored governance issues relating to both monetary assets and electoral systems and is inspired by the binding referendum system so successfully used in Switzerland for over 200 years.

Rob is proud to share his vision of what this country can be in the future, with the correct structures, to make New Zealand the very special place that it is, and the greatest place on earth to live.